It was a very good year…

Obviously I can’t be in the same place without a trip away for more than 2 weeks, so this weekend I made the trip up to Sheffield for the SCM summer gathering. This promised to be a fairly action-packed weekend, with meetings a plenty, things to organise, plan, present and decide on, and trying to ensure various people were in the right place at the right time, as well as maybe trying to squeeze in some time to relax and enjoy the company of some good friends.

The weekend went well, I might even be tempted to say very well. Meetings were successful, decisions made were (in my opinion) the right ones and had few objections, and for the most part everything went to plan. Even if I do say so myself.

In the middle of all this craziness it was inevitable that I would be thinking and reflecting a little on the past year, on everything that’s happened, and all the changes that this weekend represented and reminded me of. In the last year I have learnt so much, about SCM, about the people I’ve been working with, the job I was doing and about my own ability to do so many things. This time last year I was wondering what on earth I’d let myself in for, and yet, even though nervous at times, I managed to chair this years AGM, including presenting some rather complex ideas and leading discussions. Its amazing what a year can do! Now I’m still involved, but I’ve handed over my ‘crown’, and with it a lot of responsibility and headaches. Though I do know my successor just a little bit, so I have a feeling I’ll be hearing about those..

During the year I’ve also made some very good friends, people who I may only see once every two or three months, but who I share many things in common with, and really enjoy spending time with. I have found myself part of a community, which is unique, and very real, despite it coming together only once a term, and which has in a year become a huge part of my life. Not to mention changing it rather significantly in more ways than one.

All in all, I’m glad I did it. There has been stress and difficulties, and times when I wanted someone else to worry about it instead, but its been good, and if I could turn back the clock, I’d do it all over again!

4 thoughts on “It was a very good year…

  1. What? You mean you know your successor? How did you manage that? I mean, its not like you spend any time talking on the phone or arranging travel plans to see each other… 😉

    Glad you’ve enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy the next year just as much, and I’m glad to be part of it too. 🙂

  2. you forgot one person who you would probably meet only once in 2 years 🙂 I just ran into your blog.
    May every year be filed of more joy for you,
    God bless

  3. "if I could turn back the clock, I’d do it all over again!"

    – you don’t need to turn back the clock – there’s always next year 😉

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