Lazing on a sunny afternoon…

I wasn’t working this weekend! For the first time in several weeks I had a whole weekend to play with :D:D:D So I’d planned a weekend in Bristol with Chris, with no plans! And it was mostly sunny as well, anyone would think it was summer 😉

I got down to Bristol Parkway (my favouritest station in the world ;)) later than I would have liked on Friday evening, but with no major delays, spent a nice evening doing not a lot, eating dinner and chatting about life the universe and everything. On Saturday, after a lazy morning we headed out to Cheddar for a lovely walk along the gorge with a stop off in Cheddar itself in the middle for (late) lunch in a nice pub. Then up the other side to complete the circle, although whoever thought lunch should be at the *bottom* of the hill was slightly misguided. And though a short ramble along either side of Cheddar Gorge can’t really be called a walk, it was nice to be outdoors again. And it meant I managed to educate/scare/bore/amuse Chris with my botanical geekery.. I think he’s learnt his lesson about taking me near anything plant-shaped for a while!

That evening was a birthday celebration, which involved a meal we didn’t know about till that afternoon, but which was nicely veggie friendly and rather yummy (with chopsticks a-plenty but no moving food this time!), and then drinking in various locations which meant I ended the evening completely knackered and quite a bit less sober than I’ve been in a while… but it was good fun, and nice to just relax for an evening. And we still managed to be up for church in the morning 🙂 Church was followed by a nice relaxed sunday lunch, sitting in the garden enjoying the sun, and flopping in front of a film before having to catch the train home.

All in all, a rather wonderful weekend, with some good quality ‘us’ time, spending time with the family and with friends, and just chilling out and enjoying the weather. But now I don’t want to have to go back to the ‘normal’ routine of things.. bring on the holidays!!!

2 thoughts on “Lazing on a sunny afternoon…

  1. My sister drove up cheddar gorge before she’d passed her test. I was 11 and sat in the back, praying we’d get to the top in one piece! My parents have also cycled down it on a tandom – that sounds like fun!!

    You don’t have to get into the normal routine for long – you’re away on and off for the next few weeks!

  2. There was a bit more to it than that Jen. Not only had I not passed my test, but at the beginning of the day, the larger than normal railway bridge in Highbridge was the biggest hill I’d ever driven up! (Having driven up to that point in the pancake-flat South Manchester)

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