Lent discipline?

Starting as I mean to go on, whats happened today since I blogged this morning?

Well I had a good and fairly relaxed day in work, despite Big Changes which may or may not mean Bad Things coming our way- we’ll deal with them and kick up a fuss as and when its necessary. But, on the positive side, I managed to (with the help of a helpful collegue) get the day off next week that I usually have off (cos of using a holiday for another day I booked) which means that a) I get to use up more holidays which is necessary and b) I get the day free for LP type stuff, to (hopefully) meet up with my mentor and Discuss Stuff. So there. How’s about that?

And I know this might be positivity in advance.. but this weekend I’m off Up Norf to fair (!) Sheffield for a weekend. But I’ll come back with that one.

One thought on “Lent discipline?

  1. glad you still sound upbeat. how’re things?? is it scm stuff up norff? hope work stuff works itself out… hugs and prayers xxxx and lots of luck for the preachers’ meeting 😀 keep in touch 😀

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