Positivity disconnected

Apologies, the positive thinking has temporarily been disconnected from this corner of the wibsite. It is hoped that normal service will resume soon.

I think today I’m allowed to be slightly lacking in positive thinking and things of that sort. I returned to work today to learn that the threatened ‘staff schedule restructuring’ (or whatever silly official name they’ve given it) has or will be implemented asap. In big business speak this is improving the company’s income by maximising the effectiveness of staff hours. They’ve even got a snappy slogan for it.

In normal person speak, it means they’re making people work certain shifts on certain days, to reflect the times when most money is taken. Oh yes, and cutting people’s hours. Essentially, whatever your contract did say, forget it. Its worthless cos we’re allowed to do this, cos we’re in such a bad way the rules don’t apply.

The end result? I get 3 hours cut from my contract, have to work 3 days with no break cos I’m working a shorter shift, and if I don’t like it, I know where the door is. There are words, but I shouldn’t repeat them here.

7 thoughts on “Positivity disconnected

  1. Indeed. Thats just crap!!! Big hugs.

    The thing is though, realistically, all they’re going to do is get all the staff leaving. The hospital cut our breaks in half for a 12 hour shift, and believe me, the staff are not happy. I’d recommend you look for something to replace blacks – if they’re going to treat the staff that badly, then they can’t expect you to hang around.

    More hugs. xxx

  2. In fact that’s what they are trying to do. I fhtey can convince people to leave it means they have fewer people to pay. It’s just they can’t just fire people. That’s Middle Managment for you!!!

    *big hug* and hope it all sorts itself out!!

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