An attempt

Things still aren’t great, it might be my state of mind right now but it feels like most things are just really not working. But the point of me doing this is precisely for the times when I feel like this (though its not usually this bad, so therefore not usually this hard). So I’m trying.

Yesterday I took a bus out to Clydach, a part of Swansea I’ve never visited properly before, just heard of it, been aware of its existance on the map and so on. I went to meet my mentor to discuss preaching stuff, but its more like sitting down and talking to a friend than a heavy discussion. We had tea, chatted about how its going (general feeling; pretty well, no problems), worked out the next dates we’re doing (not for a while yet, so thats one less thing to worry about after this Sunday) and then went for a walk. The weather was sunny and… *warm*, in February, in Wales. It’ll probably be grey and rainy again soon, but while it lasts.. It was nice, just for a short time, to be up above the world a little, to look down at it, and brought back the withdrawl symptoms of not having been up a decent hill in a while.

Everything isn’t fixed, buy a long stretch. I’m still here with job applications and everything else to do. But still, I spose finding the positives is all about those little moments which come in the middle of everything else.

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