Still going…

Ok I’m back again, after a brief interruption for a bit of a busy weekend! Friday I headed off to a rather swanky health spa type place for a day of pampering courtesy of a friend’s hen party (which someone else has blogged about in more detail, so I’ll leave it at that). A good time was had by all, much relaxing and gossiping was indulged in, and much tea (and wine) consumed. And the body massage was out of this world.. Saturday was pretty much a bit of random wanderings, and then making our way home. The weather was stunning, and the only thing that spoiled it slightly was we were in a car and not on top of the hills enjoying it. Ho hum.

The rest of Saturday afternoon once I got home was spent preparing for Sunday morning, which was my next service I had been booked in for, though not entirely legitimately if you stick to all the rules about these things. I had some helpers, and lots of people being supportive and so on, but this was still the most I’d done on my own before, and without the support of someone who knows what they’re doing all the way.. :S All in all I think it went ok. I had positive feedback, and the only things to work on I know are down to nerves and stuff, which only time will improve. In general, absolutely terrifying, but also a feeling of quiet satisfaction that I managed to get through it in one piece.

Ooh, and we booked a holiday :D:D:D Not sure its entirely sensible to be spending while hoping we’ll have more income by then, or even enough holidays. But this is necessary time together, and visiting my parents who are in bonnie Scotland at the moment, Glasgow to be precise. So there, its done. And we’re going on holiday 😀

Today, I’m not sure. Erm, I managed to not kill my employer when he rang me at 9 this morning asking if I knew I was meant to be in work. Err, no I didn’t, you’d have to tell me for me to know.. Sigh. Back to it tomorrow.

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