Ok, so its been a while, and I’ve been not very good about the positivity in a public blogging sense. The positive things which happened, which at the time I didn’t want to blog about, were in the shape of interviews. But I wasn’t really wanting to make any of this public.

However, I now have actual positive news, in that I got a job! The first interview, which was for a proper real job, the kind that I want, I got it. A job, a real permanent one. Its ecology, using the skills I have, and its paid. I spent a good 20 mins fairly speechless (which I think Chris found fairly amusing) when I got a letter in the post Saturday morning, having had no phone call or anything else. I think its still only just sinking in. But its real.

Its just not *quite* near home. In fact I have to move all the way to England. Which is Scary. With a capital S. I have a home here, its not just where I came to uni, its home. My friends are here, which is easy to say but so much harder to describe, and to replace. This is where my church family is, who have supported me in the various stages of my ‘calling’ to preach. The people and the friendships I have here will be impossible to replace, even in time. I really believe this is a special place, and I know this even more as I prepare to leave. There’s something about this ugly lovely city, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

But now I have to force myself to take those steps towards leaving. I’ve been ringing estate agents, trying to find suitable flats I can afford, trying to to this from a distance, knowing I’ve got one day to see as many places as I can there. Then I have to think about buying cars, learning my way around a new place, getting used to a new job, and hoping I can do it. And so on and so on. And doing all this on my own. I wish it was both of us, but thats not possible just yet. Even though there are many people helping out, and offering to do so, I still have to do all this myself. And I will, I just need to remember that, and remember that I can. Maybe this is an exercise in positivity in itself, even though it seems like the best thing to have happened in a long time.

Overall, this is a good thing. Its what I’ve been waiting for, its a step in the right direction, its good timing in terms of all the rubbish stuff at work. Its just going to take some time to work out the details, and when that starts to happen I’ll feel better. Till then, and probably after aswell, prayers appreciated.

For all those facing change and uncertainty, for those separated from the ones they love, for those feeling lonely and disconnected from their surroundings. God who during this holy week knew loneliness and isolation, place your hand upon them.

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  1. "I still have to do all this myself"

    Nope… you don’t have to do things yourself any more. In fact, I don’t think anything is done on your own either due to me or Someone Else.

  2. Hugs and prayers, I so know what the Scary thing feels like. I it all goes really well for you.

  3. Congratulations. I know that it looks scary now but very soon you’ll be glad that you’ve made the change.

  4. Was going to say what Chris said. And don’t think that a few miles will stop the friendships you’ve built up. Moving from that ‘ugly, lovely city’ is Scary – I’ve done it, but give it time and you will settle elsewhere. Trust me. And in the mean time, you’ll have to put up with visits from Down South! Hugs and prayers, xxx.

  5. What Jen said about it being Scary…but it is also good. Believe it or not, there is life beyond Swansea. In many ways I've found moving quite liberating – I feel like I can now go anywhere in future. I know I can do it – and I know you can too. I'd recommend figuring out what are going to be the things you're going to find hardest, and try to make some plans for how you can deal with them. Give me a call if you want to chat. Tons of hugs.

  6. Life beyond Swansea??

    (Puzzled, incomprehending, ee shakes his head).

    You see what staying here does to you… Get out while you still can…

    But it will all be a major upheaval, and you have our prayers in that.

  7. Congratulations on the job: wonderful news indeed.

    And prayers from Down Under as you deal with the move. God bless.

  8. it’s not as bad as all that, leaving swansea. It doesnt mean the end of friendship, as i can truly vouch, and it goves you lots of new opportunities.

    and as Ross is about half way between your two ‘homes’, feel free to arrange meeting-up parties here whenever you wish!

    love and hugs and preyers!

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