Walking into the night

On Saturday night a small group of us gathered in Sketty Methodist church to hold vigil through the night, something which has become a tradition in the church, and an event I value greatly for the fellowship and communion which it brings. This year will possibly be the last one I attend, and therefore was also special for this reason.

For the last couple of years I’ve contributed by preparing one of the prayer times which we hold at intervals during the night. Richard has been kind enough to blog the liturgy I wrote for the midnight slot this year. The idea is based around walking into the darkness of the night, knowing what it will bring, looking beyond it to the light, but also accepting that the darkness has a part to play.

Jesus knew what was waiting for him when he went into the city that day, he knew it would bring pain and suffering to himself and others. But yet he went, accepting the struggles he would face, and knowing that when they came to an end, they would bring new life for all.

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