Farewell, farewell

So its nearly October already, with the usual talk of summer having gone too fast, nights drawing in, and “how many days till Christmas?” I saw crackers in a supermarket this weekend. Sigh.

But the end of September this year is another milestone- the end of the bat survey season! The big cheeses in the environmental world have to assign an arbitrary end point to the warmer summer months and the start of cooler weather and lower bat activity, and that end point is today. So with the beginning of October, the bats are out less and less, and, thankfully, so are we ecologists. As much as the bat watching is interesting, I won’t be sorry to not have to set my alarm for 3.30am any more!!

The other thing that this next month will bring will be the start of my local preaching in my new home town. At the beginning of September I went to my first preachers meeting here, and apart from lowering the average age by a good 20 or 30 years, it still felt good to be involved, and getting back into the things I used to do before I moved made me feel like I’m still me, even if I am somewhere else! So I now have 3 dates between now and Christmas, and even some ideas for them! Having spent a good while trying to get this sorted, it all seemed to fall into place in no time at all. The whole thing still makes me more than a little nervous, but also quite excited at the thought of being able to get stuck in again, which I’m taking to be a good combination.

6 thoughts on “Farewell, farewell

  1. There seems to be a lot of people on the wibsite who preach at different locations, or do preacher training.
    Is this some kind of official scheme that runs with a church over there?
    I haven’t heard of anything like it here.

  2. Unordered (I’m not really following you round by the way!!), the local preaching is specifically the Methodist Church, it’s the official programme for lay preachers. If you ever want to be an ordained Methodist minister, my understanding is that you have to be a licensed local preacher first.

    Glad your settling in folkie, and that the bats are giving you a break!

  3. I never did manage to get to see/heckle you when you were preaching your fire and brimstone sermons down here.

    Hope it goes well, I know it will.

  4. i have also thus far missed your sermons – i must must must catch one soon, even if i have to come up there just to do that!

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