Well thank you very much for all the comments/text messages/facebook messages etc, t’is one of the things I love about this little community, is feeling like you’ve got people around you even when many of them are far far away.

Anyway, the interview went either very well or not very well, depending on which bit you look at. There were tricky techy questions on the bits I didn’t think I knew enough about (turns out I was right!) which weren’t so great. I haven’t heard anything from them yet but I kinda knew when I walked out of there. But it wasn’t one of those ‘dammit I should have said such and such’ or ‘if I’d just read up on that first’ moments, if I don’t know it, I don’t know it, end of story. I have, with the exception of a couple of moments last night, been fairly ok with it. It wasn’t *the* ideal job, I learnt more about it during the interview and maybe it wasn’t right for me as well as me not being right for it. Its more the fact that it was a job, in the right place.

Ho hum, there’ll be others, and we’ll get there, eventually.

5 thoughts on “Result

  1. Well done hon. Take comfort from how quickly you were recognised as interviewable & keep going as you are, you’re doing well!

  2. Same as the Strawberry really.
    The fact that you tick the boxes when employers are deciding who to interview should give you a lot of encouragement. If you feel good about an application now they are also likely to want to see more of you. And everyone knows that anything can happen on the day. One tiny step for mankind, but one giant leap for ScRamblin’ Folkies

  3. Ditto to Strawberry and Martin (although maybe not the Bad Joke 😉 ). Its all good practice, and the fact you were picked out straight away as being interviewable is really good. Hugs and prayers, xxx.

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