Of preaching and red skirts

This morning I delivered my first service in my new circuit. And it went rather well, if I do say so myself. I wasn’t the only one to say so, I even managed to impress Mr Critical (otherwise known as my other half, who has a tendancy to be picky about preachers), who hadn’t seen me do any preaching before. And I had various other positive comments and reactions from the congregation. I may well blog about the service itself at some point, but needless to say I was rather pleased with it. Now its on to the next one, countdown two weeks..

The other item of news, in relation to my last two posts, is firstly, as you may have guessed, I didn’t get that job. I wasn’t overly disappointed at this, being quite surprised at having an interview at all, and given I really didn’t have a lot of experience of the computer programme that was a large part of the job I was told I still came a close second, which was pretty good. The other thing I was told, in a message they left to tell me I hadn’t got it, was that they had another job coming up that they were really keen for me to apply for. Well, as keen as you can sound when you’re not meant to ask someone to put in an application. Anyway, this was positive, so I applied, and surprise surprise, the next day I got a phone call asking me to come for an interview. Which is on Tuesday, at the same time as the last one. Interesting coincidences. Somehow I don’t think I’ll need directions to the office. I’m not too worried about getting it or not, I’m still impressed to have got interviews this early on. I’ll just do what I can, and when the right job comes up I’ll be ready.

Oh, and the other thing to mention about the quirks of preaching round here. I had a meeting with the lady who was meant to be preaching today earlier in the week, and among other pieces of ‘advice’ was told how when she started preaching the women had to wear black or grey, and ‘of course its not like that anymore’, but they were all a little shocked when one particular female preacher turned up to her first service with a ‘red swishy skirt and dangly earrings’. Horror of horrors! And a comment was also made about some people possibly being unsure about the fact I have my nose pierced. Terrible, what was I thinking?! I’m just sorry I didn’t have a red swishy skirt to wear this morning..

5 thoughts on “Of preaching and red skirts

  1. Prayers for the next interview [wonderful news!]; hurrah for preaching; and here’s to outrageous outfits everywhere! 🙂 🙂

  2. Yes, congratulations on a successful 1st preaching engagement, and on the interview – hooray!

    One of my PhD supervisors (who is also a professor and the head of my department) has her nose pierced, so it’s hardly a barrier to success! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed you’ve got your nose done, so it’s obviously very discreet.

  3. I miss you!

    Congratulations on your preaching – i really must get up there to hear you one of these days.

    And i love the piercing, and the dangly earrings, and i have my own red swishy skirt….maybe i should be a preacher. No, Wait, forget i said that!

    But yay for you!

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