Daily Archives: October 24, 2008


“Please make sure you take all personal belongings with you”
So says the announcement.
I think I left something, a few things.
My self-confidence, inner strength, poise,
Knowledge and intelligence, if I had those to start with.

I can imagine them lying in the luggage rack
Maybe someone else will find them.
Will they hand them in to lost property?
Or will they decide they could use these things of mine?

Sitting in the shadow of the Eye,
watching those capsules of happiness sail past
through the fog of my tears.
I notice the clouds floating past the spokes
And for a moment its not the clouds moving towards me
but the wheel moving away,
free falling towards the River.

In that moment, everything seems bent on destruction.
How appropriate.

(written on the train journey home on Tuesday. apart from the last line)