Checking in

Wow. Well here it is, brand new wibsite. Kinda feels like I should have something particular to say when posting here, at least for the first time.. sorry, no such luck today. I kinda just wanted to post to check it out!

Anyway, I’m sure some things have happened that are blog-worthy.

Since the last post I have;

-been to stay with the parents for a weekend with Chris, and bought a sofa. Well, ok, he did the buying of the sofa, and we don’t have it yet. And there’s the small matter of us not actually having a place together yet either. But hey, it was nice and comfy, and reduced, and its the first thing we’d decided we need when we do.

-preached another service, this time in a ickle methodist chapel outside of Shrewsbury, middle of farming country where I was warned that post-service conversations can be about pigs. Something tells me Oscar Romero wasn’t really the bit they latched on to. Although there was a young couple (NB this is rural methodism, for ‘young’ read 50’s) who were *very* enthusiastic- obviously something different went down well in some ways

-been to London (not for an interview!) at the weekend, done some Christmas shopping (woo hoo, get us!), been to visit a friend of mine who I’ve not seen for ages, and generally relaxed. Oh, and got a little freaked by a cat in the pulpit on Sunday. Slightly odd when the guy walked in with it, and the mewing made the rememberance day silence a little interesting. But when it was happily sitting on the pulpit while we had tea afterwards, I was a little concerned.

So there we are, thats me. I’m still here, promise.

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  1. Erm, I don’t believe I can make that decision. But I don’t think I’m going to be taking a cat into the pulpit any time soon.. was just a little too freaky!

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