I know I said I’d write a holiday blog when I got back, and I know I got back a while ago. For a while I was waiting till I was able to blog about Kenya, and wanting to do that before writing (different) random ramblings, and then I kinda didn’t get round to it. What with coming back to a birthday which got spun out with several celebrations, and then a couple of sermons and probably some other stuff as well, I think I got distracted. Well, the holiday blog will come, I promise. If nothing else, I want to record it for myself, so you’ll get the benefit of my ponderings.

Anyway, for now I just wanted to break the silence, and say I am still here, I did make it back from Africa, and to give voice to some of the things floating around in my head right now.

Today I had an experience I hope I don’t have too often. A colleague of mine has been made redundant, and today was to all intents and purposes his last day. Suffice to say this is not a pleasant experience, mainly for him and his family, which has just grown with the birth two weeks ago of his second child. His parental leave finished yesterday with a meeting confirming he was indeed out on his ear so to speak.

These things are never easy, but in this case the whole thing has been handled incredibly badly in a number of ways,  in my opinion. The overriding feeling after all this is helplessness, mixed with guilt at still having a job to go to (even if not entirely satisfied with it).  Also concern for someone who has become a friend, for what the future will hold, for the turmoil which must be behind the cheery face he has put on.

Tonight, whatever I would like to change about my work, I am grateful that I get to make that decision, and pray that neither you nor I will ever have to go through this.

One thought on “Transitions

  1. Welcome back!

    And my prayers for your friend made redundant…as you write, never easy, and sad to read it was handled badly [I know second-hand of a similarly badly-handled situation here recently].

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