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So I haven’t mentioned anything wedding related so far. I could say it was out of an effort to not turn this blog into a wedding blog. Or that there isn’t anything to report, or that there is but I’m trying to keep it quiet. But none of the above are true, although I am planning to manage the first!

In the… *counts on fingers* nearly 4 months (am I meant to remember that?) that we’ve been engaged the plans have come on apace. We had a good many ideas before the question popping- not the big stuff (as the wedding industry might have you believe) but the bits that to us were important enough that we just ‘knew’- the hymns we wanted, who we wanted to do the service, helpful-type people who we wanted to ‘do stuff’, which traditions to keep and which to ditch (none of the ’honour and obey’ or me being ‘given away’ in that sense), and more or less when (I’ve always wanted a winter wedding, and thankfully Chris doesn’t think this is too crackers to go along with it!).

But once we knew it was actually happening, all the so far unknowns had to become known, and we had the fun task of deciding on the ‘big things’. We made the difficult decision to get married in our church in London, which was far from both our families (mine in particular), but is the first place which has been properly ours, rather than mine or his. The first place we have lived together also has special significance. So now we have the church, and the reception venue booked, which means we have a date (January 2011) and an idea of what the day is going to be like. I now also have a dress, which I have duly begun teasing Chris about with images of meringues and pink and purple stripes! So, in short, by Christmas we had enough sorted to sit back and relax for a bit, knowing that we still have plenty of time to make the difficult decisions like how to cut the list of hymns down to a reasonable number, and what flowers to have (never ask a botanist to choose flowers, very bad idea!).

However, the best comedy moment over Christmas was Chris, when asked how the planning was going by someone at my parents Church, confessing “Well, it’s all kind of on hold at the moment…” Unfortunately we have no idea who this poor person was to explain that that’s not quite what he meant! Oops..

3 thoughts on “Not just a wedding blog

  1. Winter weddings are ace 🙂

    I didn’t get given away either – HD met me at the church door, we hung out for a bit till we were confident all the guests were there, then walked in together to the front, to spontaneous applause and cheering (not planned). It was a brilliant moment, though I say so myself!

  2. Of course you are supposed to remember that! I got engaged 34 years, 2 months and 4 days ago. And yes, I did get married after that, I’m not still waiting.

  3. you do realise no one minds if you do decide to turn it into a wedding blog? ’cause basically it’s a big thing so if it’s a big thing for a while on your blog then that’s quite okay 🙂

    One of the nicest parts of my wedding was being ‘given away’ by my dad … a formal handing over … I liked it a lot. It also meant a lot to dad and Mr Tasmania so I liked that too 😉

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