Thank you

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and prayers, those in the comments and those given to me by other means. Grandma is doing ok at the moment, the internal bleeding seemed to sort itself out, at least as much as they can tell without internal examination. She’s been eating a bit better and the doctors are again talking about her being discharged once they can sort out the medical problems which are apparently fixable. She is still terrified and saying she won’t get out of hospital, but sometimes at least accepting this as a possibility which is a start.

But it looks from all of these events that she’ll be unlikely to get back into her own home again, which will be a huge hurdle to overcome. Now her children have to work out what will be best for her, and how to balance what they believe they should do with what they each can do.

We’re going home this weekend to see her. When it was looking bad I knew I had to go in case the worst happened. Things are looking up now, but if this weekend turns out to be just one of many more visits then I shan’t be the one to complain.

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  1. Glad to hear that things are looking up. Prayers for the practical side of things to be sorted in way that works for everyone. Take care.

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