Monthly Archives: March 2010

Quick hello

We don’t have the interweb installed in the new flat until next week so the nearest we can get to the outside web world is wifi in the pub down the road (shame) or internet at work.

But we are alive; we managed to move successfully with no major problems or incidents, made easier by the two places being only half an hour apart rather than 4! We hired movers to get our belongings down the 5 flights of stairs from our old flat (the lift in the block is being replaced, so is out of action for several months!), but even so we finished the day completely shattered, and even after a decent night’s sleep were still fairly out of it the day after as well. We would be getting back to normal now were it not for Chris getting over a horrid cold, and me having caught it from him.. ho hum.

I’ve had the first two days in my new job, which has involved a lot of reading information and finding my way around, although this is a bit easier having been working for them for a while already. Not a lot else to report other than the people are friendly and I think I’ll be ok here.

People have tried to get in touch by phone, and if you’re reading, I’m sorry I’ve not got back to you; I’ve had just enough energy to get through the day at work and then flake out completely. I’ll be back in the land of the living soon, promise!