Daily Archives: September 21, 2010

Winter flowers

Today I went to see (and book) the florist 😀 I got to sit there and talk about flowers and arrangements and foliage and herbs and all the exciting things I can think of to do with flowers and making them look pretty together 🙂 Thinking about what’s in season and what will complement it, and how to make it wintery but not like Christmas all over again. It was lots of fun.

The wedding planning is pretty much 100% a joint effort, with the notable exceptions being each of our outfits, cos obviously we’re not allowed to see, and the flowers. Chris has said he would happily be involved in this too, but admits that he would be very little help, and that once we’d talked through broad ideas he was happy for me to enjoy the planning of it. And I am 🙂 Although maybe I shouldn’t have been allowed in the florists on my own..

I took a photo of a bouquet I’d seen while doing a little net searching, which I completely love, and was told by the florist that she could do something like that but that it would look a little ‘random’ with that assortment of flowers. She then corrected herself saying this wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. No indeed I thought! We have enough in the budget to get buttonholes for the fathers and corsages (how is that spelt?!) for the mothers, which is quite exciting. Very much looking forward to my random bouquet!