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Bank holidays

In wanting to update everything about the sticky work situation, I have neglected to write about the lovely bank holiday weekend we had, and lovely it most certainly was. For a start, this was the first year I’ve been able to fully appreciate a four day weekend for what it is, being the first year I’ve been working full time either side! It just seemed to go on forever, despite being filled with enjoyable stuff!

I made it down to London late on Thursday night, and on Friday we spent the day with Chris’ older brother and family, chatting, eating, drinking and all that stuff. As well as a rather entertaining trip to the Natural History Museum at Tring. Think lots of stuffed animals and you’re about there. Very odd to see all sorts of animals we encountered in Kenya stuffed and behind glass. Friday evening saw us return to London to meet Never Conforming and her missus, have a nice dinner in the crypt at St Martin in the Fields, and then a trip out to Greenwich on Saturday. A good amount of time to chat and catch up on the various happenings in each of our lives, of which there seem to be many! Nice to have a few days to chew the fat when recently we’ve only had one or even just an evening.

Saturday evening some of us, along with some other friendly folkie types went to see our favourite Barnsley lass in a rather nice venue. Kate was on good form, but also well matched by the accompanying Red Skies string ensemble. Difficult to find a website for them, but suffice to say, if you get a chance, they’re worth a listen.

After Easter Sunday service at Hinde Street we headed out on our travels again, this time in the direction of Leamington Spa for Chris’ brother’s 21st birthday. One night staying in a student house reminded me just how long it was since I was one, and that single beds are definitely only made for one. On Monday, Joe’s actual birthday, we went out for a rather posh meal at a restaurant nearby. You can tell its posh when you have luncheon not lunch. But the place was quiet and sophisticated, the boys (mostly) wore jackets, and some had fun trying to decipher the menu! French speakers are handy to have around. The food was lovely, the setting very pretty, and the company wonderful. Some photos in the grounds while the sun was shining to show the gallivanting parents that their sons do scrub up well when pushed!

All in all, a jam packed but relaxed and easy weekend. A perfect introduction to the delights of double bank holidays!

I’ll be there for you

Everyone knows the theme to ‘Friends’ right- ‘I’ll be there for you’, the Rembrants? Anyway, I know its cheesy, but maybe this is just a cheesy post. Hear me out.

Last week was a tough one, a few things happened at work which made me not want to be there, and on top of all that I had to cope with two nights bat surveys (which pretty much means no sleep) so coping wasn’t really on the cards. The weekend however brought a gaggle of Swansea-ites to my door, with food, drink and general merriment. Saturday spent at the Shrewsbury flower show was a lovely day, relaxing, chatting, and laughing at the amusing show categories (who knew a brace of cucumbers and over-sized leeks could be so much fun!). And I was reminded, that good friends are there for you, even if they don’t realise it.

I realise also recently, again spelled out in the same song, that friends don’t require you to be always on top of everything, succeeding and getting it all right. They’re there when you’re not, when you mess up, when things aren’t going your way, and the same counts for them. When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.. We don’t all have everything sussed, there’s things we all want to change, things we’re aiming for and haven’t achieved yet. But we’re muddling through, enjoying the good times and sharing the bad, and having a laugh along the way.

And yes its cheesy, but thats sometimes part of life too.

Still going…

Ok I’m back again, after a brief interruption for a bit of a busy weekend! Friday I headed off to a rather swanky health spa type place for a day of pampering courtesy of a friend’s hen party (which someone else has blogged about in more detail, so I’ll leave it at that). A good time was had by all, much relaxing and gossiping was indulged in, and much tea (and wine) consumed. And the body massage was out of this world.. Saturday was pretty much a bit of random wanderings, and then making our way home. The weather was stunning, and the only thing that spoiled it slightly was we were in a car and not on top of the hills enjoying it. Ho hum.

The rest of Saturday afternoon once I got home was spent preparing for Sunday morning, which was my next service I had been booked in for, though not entirely legitimately if you stick to all the rules about these things. I had some helpers, and lots of people being supportive and so on, but this was still the most I’d done on my own before, and without the support of someone who knows what they’re doing all the way.. :S All in all I think it went ok. I had positive feedback, and the only things to work on I know are down to nerves and stuff, which only time will improve. In general, absolutely terrifying, but also a feeling of quiet satisfaction that I managed to get through it in one piece.

Ooh, and we booked a holiday :D:D:D Not sure its entirely sensible to be spending while hoping we’ll have more income by then, or even enough holidays. But this is necessary time together, and visiting my parents who are in bonnie Scotland at the moment, Glasgow to be precise. So there, its done. And we’re going on holiday 😀

Today, I’m not sure. Erm, I managed to not kill my employer when he rang me at 9 this morning asking if I knew I was meant to be in work. Err, no I didn’t, you’d have to tell me for me to know.. Sigh. Back to it tomorrow.

Lazing on a sunny afternoon…

I wasn’t working this weekend! For the first time in several weeks I had a whole weekend to play with :D:D:D So I’d planned a weekend in Bristol with Chris, with no plans! And it was mostly sunny as well, anyone would think it was summer 😉

I got down to Bristol Parkway (my favouritest station in the world ;)) later than I would have liked on Friday evening, but with no major delays, spent a nice evening doing not a lot, eating dinner and chatting about life the universe and everything. On Saturday, after a lazy morning we headed out to Cheddar for a lovely walk along the gorge with a stop off in Cheddar itself in the middle for (late) lunch in a nice pub. Then up the other side to complete the circle, although whoever thought lunch should be at the *bottom* of the hill was slightly misguided. And though a short ramble along either side of Cheddar Gorge can’t really be called a walk, it was nice to be outdoors again. And it meant I managed to educate/scare/bore/amuse Chris with my botanical geekery.. I think he’s learnt his lesson about taking me near anything plant-shaped for a while!

That evening was a birthday celebration, which involved a meal we didn’t know about till that afternoon, but which was nicely veggie friendly and rather yummy (with chopsticks a-plenty but no moving food this time!), and then drinking in various locations which meant I ended the evening completely knackered and quite a bit less sober than I’ve been in a while… but it was good fun, and nice to just relax for an evening. And we still managed to be up for church in the morning 🙂 Church was followed by a nice relaxed sunday lunch, sitting in the garden enjoying the sun, and flopping in front of a film before having to catch the train home.

All in all, a rather wonderful weekend, with some good quality ‘us’ time, spending time with the family and with friends, and just chilling out and enjoying the weather. But now I don’t want to have to go back to the ‘normal’ routine of things.. bring on the holidays!!!