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Weekends at the moment are very precious. With the amount I’m working in the week, and how difficult it is settling into a new place and job, spending weekends with those I care about,getting to relax and be myself, is what gets me through the week. This weekend was rather special, being a whole 2 years since a certain date in Cardiff which has rather changed my life 🙂

In looking for something to occupy ourselves, Chris stumbled upon the website for this local Roman Vineyard, which happens to be just down the road. After being told their tour was fully booked for Saturday, we got a cancellation last minute on Friday 🙂 and made our way out there yesterday morning. Wroxeter was a Roman settlement, and is apparently an area particularly good for wine-growing because of its unique geographical setting. We learnt lots about English wine, and got an insight into the the vine growing (including wandering round the vines themselves, at which Chris despaired of my botanical geekiness again..), processing the grapes, production and refining. This was followed by an entertaining (and impressively informative!) wine tasting session, and a lunch where we got to finish off some of the wine we’d been tasting! All in all, not a bad way to spend the day 😀

This morning, my search to find a church to settle into here continued, with the most local (two minutes round the corner) which we’d been to last weekend, but found ourselves in the middle of a double christening party, so decided to re-visit. The congregation was, if sparse, at least made up of well meaning and friendly people. The amusing aspect to the visit was being asked on at least 2 occasions if we were there to hear our bans read (young couple in church- why else would we be there?!). The most disconcerting of these was the preacher, during the peace, telling me we’d got him worried that he’d forgotten to announce them. Impressive we managed to create that much of a stir just by turning up. Well, it gave us a giggle on the way home at least!

And now its just me here again, weekends go by too quickly 🙁 One of those days there won’t be long drives in between us, and having to say goodbye every Sunday. Meanwhile, I’m under instructions to look to the positives. And there’s plenty to choose from in the last 24 months 😀