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We’re all going on a summer holiday

So, how to summarise nearly three weeks of holidays and stuff?? Lets see…

19 days out of work, not having to think about, worry about, go anywhere near the place, or deal with problematic collegues and their issues. Just a complete break from it all, relaxing and doing whatever I chose to do 😀

Three very different types of holiday, in various different places, with different groups of people, all of whom I enjoy spending time with and many I don’t see as often as I would like to.

Two (long) weekends camping, in glorious, baking sunshine, either end of a week (not camping) in slightly less brilliant weather but with other redeeming features which compensated for the sun 🙂

Two very different but equally enjoyable festivals, one involving a lot of sitting around drinking beer and listening to folk music, and the other involving more active, brain stretching thoughtfulness, but also a fair amount of the first two as well 😉 But spending time with family and friends, chatting about life the universe and everything, feeling connected to them, to those around me (even those I don’t know), and to God. Sharing the things I enjoy with the people I love.

One week (and a little bit) away in the middle of the French countryside with Chris (and family for part of it), with a little bit of sunshine (even if he was ill for most of it) and then rather a lot of rain. But being away, from work, from internet and tv, from the rest of the world, and just being able to be together. Being forced to relax, and spending a lot of time sat in front of a log fire reading my way through a rather stonking book collection 😀

(Only) one new CD purchased, but definately well worth it!

One huge big birthday bash for a special girly mate, with many a black tie and posh dress and some rather fab music that you couldn’t help but dance to.

Countless pints of beer, and a few of cider, and rather a lot of glasses (more like bottles!) of wine…

Many nights of less sleep than needed, but kinda compensated for by the positive effects of being away from the ‘real world’ and recharging the batteries 😀

Not bad for less than three weeks. Back to normality now though, such as it is!