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I’ll be there for you

Everyone knows the theme to ‘Friends’ right- ‘I’ll be there for you’, the Rembrants? Anyway, I know its cheesy, but maybe this is just a cheesy post. Hear me out.

Last week was a tough one, a few things happened at work which made me not want to be there, and on top of all that I had to cope with two nights bat surveys (which pretty much means no sleep) so coping wasn’t really on the cards. The weekend however brought a gaggle of Swansea-ites to my door, with food, drink and general merriment. Saturday spent at the Shrewsbury flower show was a lovely day, relaxing, chatting, and laughing at the amusing show categories (who knew a brace of cucumbers and over-sized leeks could be so much fun!). And I was reminded, that good friends are there for you, even if they don’t realise it.

I realise also recently, again spelled out in the same song, that friends don’t require you to be always on top of everything, succeeding and getting it all right. They’re there when you’re not, when you mess up, when things aren’t going your way, and the same counts for them. When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.. We don’t all have everything sussed, there’s things we all want to change, things we’re aiming for and haven’t achieved yet. But we’re muddling through, enjoying the good times and sharing the bad, and having a laugh along the way.

And yes its cheesy, but thats sometimes part of life too.