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Our house

It would seem that we’re about to buy a house! Having met up with a few people at Greenbelt who I assumed would have known, I realised the result of blogging less is that news just doesn’t get out. I had been meaning to write this when we found the house, but ah well, better late than never.

We’d been talking about moving for a while- wanting (or needing in my case) to get out of London, to somewhere with more space, a garden, and where achieving these things wasn’t impossibly expensive. We’d decided Reading would make the most sense- reasonably easy commutes, well located, and I knew it a bit from working there.

So in June we went for a day to have a look around. Not to look at houses, just to look. Except there was this one we’d seen that just looked perfect in the photos- right part of town, well looked after. And I loved the garden! Well, it can’t hurt we thought, just to give us an idea, we’re only looking. There’s bound to be a catch. But there wasn’t. We went from room to room getting more and more excited, and just walked out wondering if it was crazy to go for the first house you see..

Three days later we’d had an offer accepted and done a speedy mortgage application! And suddenly had to find out what all these terms meant. Someone should write a dictionary. The last few months have been a blur of solicitors, paperwork and mortgage related jargon. But finally today the deposit has been paid and now we’re just waiting for the mythical exchange of contracts- this is the point at which we realise why everyone complains about solicitors. We’re currently in ┬ásome kind of limbo waiting for the sellers solicitors to get their act together.

The strange thing about this happening so quickly is there’s very little time to think about how big a decision it is, and also not much tome to get used to it. Right now it’s just very exciting!

Two fans and a dehumidifier..

Well, the insurance company tried our patience on Friday.. for some reason we weren’t overly impressed at the idea of being offered a contractor in Ipswich. Not even the second time they tried it. Funny that. After a day taken off work (which I now have to make up sometime), and lots of phone calls back and forth to convince them we do actually live in Wales (!) we got to the end of the day having achieved precisely nothing, and with a number for a contractor which didn’t seem to work.. Saturday morning, we discover that the number we’d been given not only didn’t exist, but also had an area code which was, erm, less than local. Getting back in touch with the main contractors again, we were offered another number. Again in Ipswich. This is getting boring now. Then when we didn’t like this, she said ‘well you could try one in Bridgend?’ There are no words. Not that I can publish on the internet anyway..

We took the number, got hold of the friendly *welsh* contractors, who, despite being on their way to Birmingham (these hairdryers are in demand right now!) agreed to come Sunday morning. And they did!! They came when they said they would, with a dehumidifier and a couple of huge fans that look (and sound) like jet engines, and set us up to dry.. They said they’d be back in about a week to check them… Hmm. But, on the bright side, when all the machines are gone and the humming stops, we’ve been promised a ‘certificate of dryness’ for our trouble. So, that makes it all alright then.

It never rains… but it pours

Although usually its outside rather than in! We had a small, erm, ‘water feature’ develop in our house yesterday. Which wasn’t intentional, attractive or particularly welcome. The insurance supplied us with a plumber within an hour or so, so the leak itself didn’t last, but we’re still dealing with the aftermath- damp walls, bulging wallpaper, possibly water damaged roof space… and a bubble on my bedroom ceiling which we burst in a slightly more controlled way than would have happened had we left it.. I retired to the sofabed rather than get dripped on all night! Anywyay, apart from having to wait for the next lot of workmen (a ‘drying company’ are expected sometime, visions of men turning up with huge industrial hairdryers.. ;)) we’re ok. In one piece, not too damp, muddling along.

The slight inconvenience is put into perspective by other news. I won’t go into details here, but I found out just today that my cousin is struggling with some quite serious health problems. He’s in good hands, and there isn’t a lot that we can do but watch and wait, and hope. And pray. For him, his mum (my mums sister) and brother. For my mum who will bear a lot of this herself, along with my dad. If you can, I don’t often ask, but please remember Matthew and his family. Thank you so much.