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Today I got offered a job, working for Natural England, the countryside conservation agency who are the advisers to government on matters of conservation. These are the people I have been wanting to work for for a long time. And while this is only temporary, its a really good start, and a very exciting job.

Technically the job is doing condition assessments of Sites of Special Scientific Interest. These sites are protected as the best examples of certain habitats in the UK, and are monitored on a regular basis to see if they are meeting their targets. However, as the field season will be on its way out soonish, I could be doing all sorts of other stuff as well. All in all, very exciting indeed. I think I’m going to be based in the Cambridge office, which is easily commutable from London, and a lovely place it is too.

In the last 6 months I’ve had an interesting relationship with Natural England recruitment. I applied for, and was interviewed for, a job back in March which I didn’t get. I asked for some feedback, which I got about 2 weeks ago. Yes, about 4 months later. After not getting this one, I applied for the same post in another region, had a telephone interview in May, and had heard nothing (except many promises that I would be ‘kept in touch’ and would ‘hear soon’) until today (yes everything happens at once) when I got home to an email thanking me for my patience, but they would ‘not be running any more assessment events for this campaign’. Not only very bad to keep people waiting this long and then ditch them all, but also the lack of contact and information the whole way through was pretty shocking.

If they hadn’t just given me a job I might be even more unimpressed 😉


“Please make sure you take all personal belongings with you”
So says the announcement.
I think I left something, a few things.
My self-confidence, inner strength, poise,
Knowledge and intelligence, if I had those to start with.

I can imagine them lying in the luggage rack
Maybe someone else will find them.
Will they hand them in to lost property?
Or will they decide they could use these things of mine?

Sitting in the shadow of the Eye,
watching those capsules of happiness sail past
through the fog of my tears.
I notice the clouds floating past the spokes
And for a moment its not the clouds moving towards me
but the wheel moving away,
free falling towards the River.

In that moment, everything seems bent on destruction.
How appropriate.

(written on the train journey home on Tuesday. apart from the last line)


Well thank you very much for all the comments/text messages/facebook messages etc, t’is one of the things I love about this little community, is feeling like you’ve got people around you even when many of them are far far away.

Anyway, the interview went either very well or not very well, depending on which bit you look at. There were tricky techy questions on the bits I didn’t think I knew enough about (turns out I was right!) which weren’t so great. I haven’t heard anything from them yet but I kinda knew when I walked out of there. But it wasn’t one of those ‘dammit I should have said such and such’ or ‘if I’d just read up on that first’ moments, if I don’t know it, I don’t know it, end of story. I have, with the exception of a couple of moments last night, been fairly ok with it. It wasn’t *the* ideal job, I learnt more about it during the interview and maybe it wasn’t right for me as well as me not being right for it. Its more the fact that it was a job, in the right place.

Ho hum, there’ll be others, and we’ll get there, eventually.


This may be a surprise to some and an even bigger surprise to others, but today I have a job interview. Some readers know of The Plan, but those that don’t may have to bear with me.

Chris started his new Grown Up Job in the city on Monday, after a rather hectic weekend of moving him and all his stuff down the M4 (but thats another story that I may come back to..). And I didn’t think it was going to be quite this soon that the big scary job-hunting machinery would clunk into motion, getting me a step closer to joining him. But last week I put in an application. A job I didn’t think I stood much chance of getting, but why not? Useful application practice if nothing else. And then I managed to get an interview. So after some interesting juggling (and confessions) at work, I got the day free and I’m about to go and get my train.

So, for those I hadn’t told really about this yet, apologies, it all kinda happened rather quickly. But thoughts/prayers/crossed fingers (delete as appropriate) would be appreciated about 1.30 this afternoon.

Thank you.