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All sorts of other stuff has happened since I last posted, I’ll maybe get around to that some other time. Right now, I have a sermon to write, but I’ve been meaning to post this for about a week..

I’ve spent a fair amount of time hanging about in London since I finished work, partly for the purpose of finding us somewhere to live.. which we now have 😀 😀 😀 After much slogging round the streets of north London wearing myself and the soles of my shoes down, we’ve managed to get ourselves a rather nice little flat in Tufnell Park, in Camden. It would have to be the first one I looked at as well wouldn’t it?! But that aside, its very exciting. Its a lot more spacious than most for the same price range, due to it being an ex-council flat in a not very inspiring large block, but the area is nice, quiet and green, and very close to Hampstead Heath. There were estate agent photos, but I think its been taken off now, but we’ll get some once we’re settled.

Now begins the manic-ness of organising and trying to ship me and all my stuff down the country.. so far we have a van and a merry (or at least willing) group of helpers. This Sunday is my last service in Shrewsbury, so once the sermon-writing is out of the way, the packing shall begin in earnest.

Excitement, madness, occasional panics about practicalities, and just wanting it all to be done, but definately excitement still. I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve said ‘one day..’ I don’t think its going to sink in properly till we’re there together surrounded by boxes and realise neither of us is leaving to go home..

Checking in

Has it really only been a month since I blogged last? It feels like at least two. But here I am. I’m still alive at least.

I’ve meant to blog, but somehow not quite known what to say. And when I have, and have wanted to write, I haven’t had the time to stop by a computer long enough. Life here is busy. Very busy. This time of year is ‘newt season’, which is when we have to complete any surveys for Great Crested Newts (heavily protected species in the UK) which we’ve recommended be carried out. Don’t ask, its complicated, but they have to be done pretty much now. So I’ve been thrown into heaps of evening working, not getting back till late, and still more or less having to work in the day as well. So you can see why there’s not really been a lot of blogging time.

As well as things being busy, its very hard being here and feeling quite this alone. Its one thing getting used to living on my own, which in itself I quite like. Its another thing to be somewhere where there is absolutely no one I know, and the only people I see are those I work with, cos I haven’t got the free evenings right now to go out and do anything else. So for now, its just me. And sometimes I’m ok and sometimes not.

Feeling very isolated isn’t helped by having to cope with Chris being (what feels like) very far away too. Long distance isn’t a fun thing. And there isn’t anything we can do about it for the time being. There are lots of things we just don’t know about at the moment, and I have to learn to be patient. I’m trying to be better at dealing with uncertainty, but thats never really been one of my strengths!

I didn’t want to start blogging from here with quite so much doom and gloom. I’m doing ok, its just hard sometimes. I spose thats all I wanted to say. I’ll be back, hopefully feeling a bit more upbeat.