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I recieved an email recently from somone producing an online guide to Toronto who wanted to submit one of my photographs to be included, and it got chosen! So now I’ve had a photograph published 😀 I didn’t especially take much time over it, I just liked the colours.


In the widget below you can scroll through the different sections of Toronto represented, and click on them to view the photos. Mine is in Cabbagetown, a district of Toronto named after the Irish immigrant workers who used to grow cabbages in their front gardens!


I knew it had been a while since I blogged, but didn’t realise it had been quite that long. I tend to find that when I have a blogging break, its not due to nothing happening, but more too much, or stuff that I don’t really want to inflict on the whole world. Over two or three weeks at the end of February/beginning of march I did a lot of travelling up and down the country, the last of which was a trip to the Lake District with work (getting paid to go up to one of my favourite parts of the country and go walking. not something I had to think twice about…) The day we were actually walking the weather was terrible (of course!) but I did get some rather nice pics of Lake Windermere, since the hostel is right on the shore…


Jetty on Lake Windermere

Dusk over Lake Windermere