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Thank you

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and prayers, those in the comments and those given to me by other means. Grandma is doing ok at the moment, the internal bleeding seemed to sort itself out, at least as much as they can tell without internal examination. She’s been eating a bit better and the doctors are again talking about her being discharged once they can sort out the medical problems which are apparently fixable. She is still terrified and saying she won’t get out of hospital, but sometimes at least accepting this as a possibility which is a start.

But it looks from all of these events that she’ll be unlikely to get back into her own home again, which will be a huge hurdle to overcome. Now her children have to work out what will be best for her, and how to balance what they believe they should do with what they each can do.

We’re going home this weekend to see her. When it was looking bad I knew I had to go in case the worst happened. Things are looking up now, but if this weekend turns out to be just one of many more visits then I shan’t be the one to complain.

Prayers needed

My Grandma is 98. She has always lived in her own home until last week when she was taken into hospital, and now is quite ill. Many varied and different things which on their own or in a younger fitter person might be difficult but not life-threatening, are not so for someone this close to 100. In particular we have learnt in the last two days that she has had some bleeding in her stomach, though we don’t know how much as she’s too frail for an endoscopy to find out. This is to do with blood thinning drugs she has had to prevent clotting. These drugs have been stopped to prevent further bleeds, but this carries equally scary and unpredictable risks. There is nothing we can do or know. She may well be fine and come through this as she has through so much else. Or she may not.

At the moment, she is simply petrified, knowing quite well that she may be staring death in the face. Aside from the obvious trauma to her family, the worst part is her fear of death. She is not a woman of faith, and has never been able to believe in anything else beyond this life. Even now as she faces what will come, she has admitted she can’t believe in a God or anything similar. She is surrounded by family and yet alone with this fear which no one can remove.

Please pray. Not for us, but for her. Not for some miraculous conversion, but just for God to be with her, to give her what she needs. Comfort in the dark times, strength in the struggle and peace now and at the end. Whenever that will be. Thank you.

An Intercession

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook 2006/2007. Seemed appropriate.

God of all lands and peoples,
we pray for those whose work takes them to distant places,
to help with relief and development
among needy and damaged communities.
Grant them safe journeys
and sustain them in their ongoing work
at the interface with other cultures.
We pray for their parents
and for all who carry burdens of anxiety
about distant loved ones.
May they find support and succour in their communities of faith.