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Continuing the theme of exciting news, Chris and I have got engaged!!! Its been about two weeks now so we’re just about getting used to the idea, and using the ‘e’ word which for the first few days just sounded a little odd.

We went for a weeks holiday to Chris’ parents house in France, and spent the time reading a lot, eating and drinking a fair bit, and doing some walking too. One of these walks Chris took me up a hill (well, kind of a hill, he wasn’t impressed when I said it was more like a bump) and popped the question! Cue lots of grinning and ‘ooh wow is this real’ type comments. Amusing reactions from both sets of parents, finding out we’ve been the subject of at least one sweepstake, and lots of friends squeaking down the phone. As well as a few ‘its about time too’ responses. You know who you are.

Anyway, we’re now fully into the wedding planning stage, where not an evening goes by without thinking about something. Ideas are being discussed, hymns suggested (although we already have a pretty good idea, the problem is going to be keeping the list from getting too long!), and budgets agreed. All in all, an enjoyable and slightly surreal experience. Its another of those events when you step back every now and then and think ‘blimey, is this actually happening?’ When it feels like playing at being a grown-up, like you did when you were in school. But when do you ever not feel that way? I don’t think you do.

Some of you will have known all this already, for which I apologise. But if this blog is about my life and everything, then big events just need to be recorded!