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A time for everything

And a season for every purpose under heaven. Thats the way the verse goes right?

Time is a funny thing. When you want it to pass quickly, like a school child waiting for the holidays, it can seem to last forever. Time drags, every minute lasting a lifetime, and it can feel like you’re never going to reach the end you’re waiting for. In the same way, when you want that day or even that hour to last forever, to be able to keep it, hold it in your hand and never let go, time slips through your fingers like grains of sand.

Well this may seem a little depressing (I think I’m allowed at the moment, I have a bit of time which I know will drag and which I want to be over in a blink). I think also there’s more to it than this. Maybe part of the benefit of blogging is it forces me to write these things down and then I think about them in different ways.

This weekend, like many this summer, was one of those in the second category, which I wanted to be able to hold on to, to make it last. If I could, I wouldn’t let go. But the good thing about that, is that even though the time itself has gone and I have to face the week (and the next) which follows, the memories of these good times are something that can’t slip away. I have them always, each time I close my eyes, whenever I want to think of them. This weekend, the one before, the good times we’ve had. Laughter, hugs, cooking meals and sharing milestones. And these things are what will get me through the time of the first category, which lasts forever and makes me feel so weary with its passing.

When time is slow, the memories of the good things keep me going through the tough times.