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Condensed positivity

So, the last few days I’ve not done so well on this blogging positive thing. Although, the argument could (and will) be made that this is because I’ve been so busy being and doing positive things. Which is a good thing surely?

The last few days I’ve been, at various times;
*not in work, therefore freeeeeeeee in many ways
*travelling about the country again from home to brizzle to up norf
*celebrating a friends birthday
*listening to, thinking and chatting about interesting services and getting inspired for this whole LP thing
*spending quality time with the ‘other man’ (which I don’t think he likes being referred to as.. oops!)
*grinning rather a lot, due to the above, though mostly the last one.

Right, I think thats enough to cover three days worth. Now I have to go cos we’re going to go see a film. Oooh more positiveness. Wonder if I can keep this up once real life resumes?!