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Lakeland adventures

Two weeks ago we went on holiday, for a little break in the Lake District. I love this part of the country, the hills where I cut my hill walking teeth, the most beautiful lakes and pretty slate-built villages nestling amongst them. The way the Lakes seems to have its own language, with pikes and dales, tarns and gills. The hills here are unlike any I’ve seen elsewhere, and even the sunlight seems to have a different quality about it, bathing the landscape in a soft glow which makes me happy just to be a part of it.

Well for this week, that had to be enough, because on day two I woke up with an evil cold which turned out to be something more like flu in disguise. We had a really lovely walk on the first day, climbing Helvellyn via striding edge in the mist and some wind, and losing our way slightly at the start, Chris’ introduction to this ridge was not ideal but we had a great day anyway! Scrambling is fun! However, that was all I was to manage, the day after I could barely walk from the car to the nearest cafe! So the holiday turned into more of a sedate affair, resting in the mornings and then taking trips out in the car, walking to the nearest tea shop, having some nice cake and then going home again. I felt like I’d just aged 60 years! But we still got to wander around some of the nicest little towns, and rest and relaxation was enforced. And even though that was now two weeks ago, I’m only just getting over the thing, which proves that I wasn’t just being a wimp!

In other news, the wedding plans continue apace- about 3 months to go now. We had a fun hour one evening this week looking over the liturgy for the service, working out where the hymns and readings will go and looking at the vows. We’ve known pretty much from the start what hymns we would like to sing, and sorted the readings fairly easily, so we’ve not thought about the service in that much detail. Reading through the declarations and vows made it real in another way. I can’t wait to say them for real.