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Outfits and other fun

I just realised when I came to write this post that I haven’t been back since just after we moved house. There are photos of the new place, and of the chaos which ensued in the moving. I plan to get around to posting those this week, to show off our lovely flat 🙂 We’re very pleased with it, loving having more space, and getting used to this idea of a spare room which is handy not only for guests but also for storing all sorts of junk important and useful stuff.

Anyway, trying to think about what else has happened in the weeks since I last posted.. my new job is going really well, I’m really enjoying being in a job where the work is interesting, the people are friendly and I feel accepted, and where the work I do is valued. It’s such an enjoyable experience it makes the still long commuting more bearable! My journey to work involves a train to the main train station and then a fairly pleasant 25 min walk to the office, which is really good and actually helping me feel less tired rather than more. And the exercise is no bad thing either!

In the last few weeks I have also been shopping for bridesmaid dresses for my two friends who are also getting hitched in the next year, and happy to say that both have excellent taste so no friendships are to be tested by huge peach meringues 😉 The wedding planning madness continues as the first of the weddings approaches, and after that it feels like things will gradually gain momentum through the second and before we know it it’ll be Christmas and I’ll be wondering how much pudding I can eat and still get in my dress!!

Talking of which (shameless girly moment, apologies!), I went and tried on the dress again yesterday, just to show my parents, not for selfish I want to see it again reasons, honest. But I was able to take a couple of accessories with me which I’d thought might work, but guessing from bad phone pictures and uncertain memories isn’t very easy. Anyway, I’m absolutely thrilled cos it all just came together perfectly, exactly right, it could have been designed that way. And the shop was virtually empty so there was plenty of space to see it properly. Can’t put photos here of course, if you want to see let me know and I shall send pics!

And I wasn’t the only one trying on outfits this weekend. Chris went off to have a hunt for his own wedding attire, with the help of Never Conforming and her missus who came down for the weekend. They went off to the local suit hire shop and spent what sounds like a happy hour or so trying on various combinations of suits, waistcoats and neckware, and came back more or less decided on an ensemble which is good news. I have no idea what of course, mutual surprise outfits is much more exciting (and NC has seen my dress so can be the informed opinion!). And he’s quite enjoying getting his own back for the teasing about my dress by suggesting he’s quite keen on the toastmasters outfit.. mm gotta love those gold buttons!!


I know I said I’d write a holiday blog when I got back, and I know I got back a while ago. For a while I was waiting till I was able to blog about Kenya, and wanting to do that before writing (different) random ramblings, and then I kinda didn’t get round to it. What with coming back to a birthday which got spun out with several celebrations, and then a couple of sermons and probably some other stuff as well, I think I got distracted. Well, the holiday blog will come, I promise. If nothing else, I want to record it for myself, so you’ll get the benefit of my ponderings.

Anyway, for now I just wanted to break the silence, and say I am still here, I did make it back from Africa, and to give voice to some of the things floating around in my head right now.

Today I had an experience I hope I don’t have too often. A colleague of mine has been made redundant, and today was to all intents and purposes his last day. Suffice to say this is not a pleasant experience, mainly for him and his family, which has just grown with the birth two weeks ago of his second child. His parental leave finished yesterday with a meeting confirming he was indeed out on his ear so to speak.

These things are never easy, but in this case the whole thing has been handled incredibly badly in a number of ways,  in my opinion. The overriding feeling after all this is helplessness, mixed with guilt at still having a job to go to (even if not entirely satisfied with it).  Also concern for someone who has become a friend, for what the future will hold, for the turmoil which must be behind the cheery face he has put on.

Tonight, whatever I would like to change about my work, I am grateful that I get to make that decision, and pray that neither you nor I will ever have to go through this.

Farewell, farewell

So its nearly October already, with the usual talk of summer having gone too fast, nights drawing in, and “how many days till Christmas?” I saw crackers in a supermarket this weekend. Sigh.

But the end of September this year is another milestone- the end of the bat survey season! The big cheeses in the environmental world have to assign an arbitrary end point to the warmer summer months and the start of cooler weather and lower bat activity, and that end point is today. So with the beginning of October, the bats are out less and less, and, thankfully, so are we ecologists. As much as the bat watching is interesting, I won’t be sorry to not have to set my alarm for 3.30am any more!!

The other thing that this next month will bring will be the start of my local preaching in my new home town. At the beginning of September I went to my first preachers meeting here, and apart from lowering the average age by a good 20 or 30 years, it still felt good to be involved, and getting back into the things I used to do before I moved made me feel like I’m still me, even if I am somewhere else! So I now have 3 dates between now and Christmas, and even some ideas for them! Having spent a good while trying to get this sorted, it all seemed to fall into place in no time at all. The whole thing still makes me more than a little nervous, but also quite excited at the thought of being able to get stuck in again, which I’m taking to be a good combination.

Checking in

Has it really only been a month since I blogged last? It feels like at least two. But here I am. I’m still alive at least.

I’ve meant to blog, but somehow not quite known what to say. And when I have, and have wanted to write, I haven’t had the time to stop by a computer long enough. Life here is busy. Very busy. This time of year is ‘newt season’, which is when we have to complete any surveys for Great Crested Newts (heavily protected species in the UK) which we’ve recommended be carried out. Don’t ask, its complicated, but they have to be done pretty much now. So I’ve been thrown into heaps of evening working, not getting back till late, and still more or less having to work in the day as well. So you can see why there’s not really been a lot of blogging time.

As well as things being busy, its very hard being here and feeling quite this alone. Its one thing getting used to living on my own, which in itself I quite like. Its another thing to be somewhere where there is absolutely no one I know, and the only people I see are those I work with, cos I haven’t got the free evenings right now to go out and do anything else. So for now, its just me. And sometimes I’m ok and sometimes not.

Feeling very isolated isn’t helped by having to cope with Chris being (what feels like) very far away too. Long distance isn’t a fun thing. And there isn’t anything we can do about it for the time being. There are lots of things we just don’t know about at the moment, and I have to learn to be patient. I’m trying to be better at dealing with uncertainty, but thats never really been one of my strengths!

I didn’t want to start blogging from here with quite so much doom and gloom. I’m doing ok, its just hard sometimes. I spose thats all I wanted to say. I’ll be back, hopefully feeling a bit more upbeat.

Positivity disconnected

Apologies, the positive thinking has temporarily been disconnected from this corner of the wibsite. It is hoped that normal service will resume soon.

I think today I’m allowed to be slightly lacking in positive thinking and things of that sort. I returned to work today to learn that the threatened ‘staff schedule restructuring’ (or whatever silly official name they’ve given it) has or will be implemented asap. In big business speak this is improving the company’s income by maximising the effectiveness of staff hours. They’ve even got a snappy slogan for it.

In normal person speak, it means they’re making people work certain shifts on certain days, to reflect the times when most money is taken. Oh yes, and cutting people’s hours. Essentially, whatever your contract did say, forget it. Its worthless cos we’re allowed to do this, cos we’re in such a bad way the rules don’t apply.

The end result? I get 3 hours cut from my contract, have to work 3 days with no break cos I’m working a shorter shift, and if I don’t like it, I know where the door is. There are words, but I shouldn’t repeat them here.

Lent discipline?

Starting as I mean to go on, whats happened today since I blogged this morning?

Well I had a good and fairly relaxed day in work, despite Big Changes which may or may not mean Bad Things coming our way- we’ll deal with them and kick up a fuss as and when its necessary. But, on the positive side, I managed to (with the help of a helpful collegue) get the day off next week that I usually have off (cos of using a holiday for another day I booked) which means that a) I get to use up more holidays which is necessary and b) I get the day free for LP type stuff, to (hopefully) meet up with my mentor and Discuss Stuff. So there. How’s about that?

And I know this might be positivity in advance.. but this weekend I’m off Up Norf to fair (!) Sheffield for a weekend. But I’ll come back with that one.